22 juli 2012

I have updated the dl links

All my kits have an alternate download link because my box account has already gone over the monthly bandwith.
I did not add any new links to my clusterframes, if you want to download you'll just have to wait untill the new month starts...

I really am happy that you all like my kits so much but if I see the number of downloads ( like 600 for sweet 'n cute kit ) and the number of comments (12 ? ) it makes me a little sad, I know it is hard to leave a message with every single download but just post an all-in-one in the shoutbox, I'm happy with that too

Thanks for reading :)

20 juli 2012

New store item Party Girl

Another tube has been release to My Tubed Art

She is on sale now
I have made several layers to have some more fun :)

15 juli 2012

Toot toot!

Here it is again
The dazzle me blog train has left the station.
This time we had a summer theme with warm summer colors
*Sunset Nights*

Here is my part of the train
The kit is tagger sized
Don't forget to leave some love ♥♥♥

And please go to the main blog for all the other goodies

07 juli 2012


Whoohoo I'm having a sale over at www.mytubedart.com

Because July is my birthday month my Unlimited license is on sale the whole month.
You will get over 160 tubes for only $30
And you will receive all the future tubes I make too.

06 juli 2012

Sneak peek

The 15th of this month there will be another 
Dazzle me Blog train leaving the station.
If you would like to participate you can do so until the 12th
Just go HERE and join the Yahoogroup for more instruction.

Above is a preview from my part, I have to say
I really enjoyed the theme and color palette.